THE WAY OBJECTS GO Group Show @ Cultural center BELGRADE

The Way Objects Go
7-27 July 2017
Podroom gallery, Cultural Center Belgrade


The exhibition explores – through the medium of moving images – the different links that human beings build up with objects in the beginning of the 21th century.
The invited artists question the new realities of the object in times of dematerialized transactions and porous limits between fiction and reality, materiality and virtuality. The artworks aim to symetrically think on how objects influence the definition of our individual and collective identity.

Anthony Bodin, Samuel Buckman, Jimmie Durham, Rodrigo Cass, Michel François,
Laura Gozlan, Max Hattler, Siniša Ilić and Tina Gverović, Ailbhe Ni Bhriain, Pauline
Payen, Babeth Rambault, Miloš Tomić, Annegien van Doorn

A proposition by L’Œil d’Oodaaq / Isabelle Henrion & Nyima Leray






OVNi Festival 2016 Diaporama

See the pictures of OVNi 2016 on our website:


IL CAPO from Yuri ANCARANI presented by MONA, Hobart in the room of Parmiggiani at Hotel Windsor

OVNi 2016 Opening @ Hotel Windsor

December 2nd 2016, Hotel Windsor, Nice / France.

Join us to celebrate the opening of OVNi at Hotel Windsor.
This year again I have been working on the display of the exhibition and setting up the website. A beautiful experience.

The Chandelier, by Steven Cohen, video performance presented by La Maison Rouge for OVNi

OVNi Video Festival SECOND EDITION <3


I am so proud of the second edition of my OVNi festival in Nice .

Working with Odile Redolfi, Haily Grenet, Claude Valenti, and all the wonderful participating structures, we are preparing our landing to earth at the Windsor Hotel on December 2nd 2016.







Dans une idée proche des ciné-concerts, l’Œil d’Oodaaq propose pour la ND4J une rencontre insolite entre vidéastes et musiciens pour une soirée de création et d’improvisation autour de vidéos d’artistes contemporains.

∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ avec les musiciens ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵

Arno Bruil, Morgan Daguenet, Robin Poligné


Lancelot Blanchard, Claire Denjean, Hugo Stievenard, étudiants du conservatoire, classe d’Hervé le Bitter

Julia Berrubé, Gabrielle Lubliner, Sanisa Tulyasukh, Héloïse Aloncle, Mélanie Auvray, Mathilde Pasquet, Martina Vera D’Agostino, Margot Le Meur, Jaco Caputo, Théo Joy, Anatole Pinel, Jonathan Douis, Manuel Peraud, Rozen Tanguy, étudiants de l’EESAB, classe de Luc Larmor.

∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ et les vidéos de ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵

Christian Niccoli
Ben Russell
Lindsay Benedict
Alex Mira
Ailbhe Ni Bhriain
Damien Le Dévédec
Jeymer Gamboa
Sylvia Donis
Aurélie Garon
Guillaume Linard-Osorio
Pauline Payen
Thibault Jehanne



Interscreening Festival @ Westpol Liepzig

Westpol Interscreening

Three of my works will be presented during the screenings program and as ongoing installations during the whole week.

Freie Arbeiten der am Festival teilnehmenden Künstler_Innen:

Katrina Blach / Mikael Eriksson / Annett Gerlach / Sven Glatzmaier / Felix Leffrank / Andreas Miller / Stephan Murer / Pauline Payen / Daniel Pauselius / Nans Quétel / Nicolas Rupcich / Anna Schimkat / Johann Steer / Doreen Schuster / Jörg Schütze / Stefan Schwarzer / Thomas Victor / Clara Wieck / Nina Wiesnagrotzki

Westpol A.I.R. Space
Westwerk, Karl-Heine-Str. 85, 2. OG
04229 Leipzig

Kunstfilmtage Düsseldorf






Meanwhile, in the streets… :

Nach Halloween Pauline Payen 2014


Mal wieder Freitag der 13

I am invited by Ann Schomburg and Iris Musolf to present the performance 1+1=3 for the Finissage of the show, as well as Bonjour tristesse during the screening following the performance. @ The Idling Gallery, Markgrafenstrasse 58 / Berlin Mitte. Friday 20th June 19h00.

more infos on the gallery  here: