CTM Tag der Clubkultur: The Psychedelic Choir @HKW

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THE PSYCHEDELIC CHOIR at 9th International Festival of Ephemeral Art Contexts, Sokolowsko (PL):


Sokolowsko, July 2019

with: Irina Gheorghe, Ana Kavalis, Pauline Payen, Karoline Strys, Lyllie Rouvière, Zorka Wollny
bass: Leah Buckareff (Nadja)

From Breath to Matter / Kule, Berlin : The Psychedelic Choir

Music band. Seven women. Six vocals + bass. We intonate haunted ambient with witchcraft ritual. Our bass player Leah (NADJA) provides mesmerising sonic foundation with drones and processed sounds.

A stunning orchestra of alien sounds, at times difficult to believe they emanated from human bodies.
The work ebbed and flowed in intensity, ranging from light breath work, to soft rain sounds, to the cacophonous screeches of exotic animals and the razor blade noises of inorganic materials.
What interests Wollny most is “how such actions, when made by a group of people, change the quality of sound from obvious to indefinable: how timbre becomes a dominating factor.”
And, indeed, most sounds were abstracted from their clear referents. Though one might try, the experience becomes less about discerning a recognizable soundscape—a forest, for example—and more about allowing the experience of sound to wash over the body. The audience is prompted to reconsider its relationship to sound, relinquishing the categorical impulse to associate sound with phenomenon, and instead surrendering to the psychosomatic experience of abstract noise.

Sarah Messerschmidt // Berlin ArtLink // Feb. 01, 2019

A Very Unique Gift : The Shadow / EXTRACT

Wacth an extract of « A Very Unique Gift » / « The Shadow » scene click on the link !




Pictures from KEYWORDS_REQUIRED @Gr_und


« FragtMorgenWieder » (sound foutain) Decorative-fountain, mini speaker, soundtrack – 2010

« Spaceship » A performative installation – Unknown materials – 2017 (with the complicity of Kevin S. Morrison)

« Spaceship » A performative installation – Unknown materials – 2017 (with the complicity of Kevin S. Morrison)

« Spaceship » A performative installation – Unknown materials – 2017 (with the complicity of Kevin S. Morrison)

« Spaceship » A performative installation – Unknown materials – 2017 (with the complicity of Kevin S. Morrison) The Voyager Spaceship has landed in a human-art gallery in Berlin, in July 2017. During the vernissage, art visitors and human artists exchanged words and sounds in the Spacheship that turned out to be a recording device.

Radio Broadcast of the new edition of The Voyager Radio Show, with interviews and sounds by human art-visitors Listen to The Voyager Radio Show here: http://www.paulinepayen.net/projects/the-voyager-radio-show/


Keywords Required Exhibition @ Gr_und BERLIN

A group exhibition with Yann Vanderm, Pauline Payen, Elena Katz and Ssmidd

01-22.07 2017
Thu-Sat 4-7 pm

Vernissage 30.06.2017 – 7 pm
Performance by Elana Katz

Finissage 22.07.2017 – 7 pm
Performance by Pauline Payen

This project has been supported by Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques.


“The majority of gallery visitors are art enthusiasts, casual visitors and vernissage guests – in other words nice-to-have visitors – and collectors and art professionals form only the minority” of the public. (M. Resch, Management of art galleries, 2015)

According to the report of GmbH 2017, more than 70% of the exhibition visitors are less interested in the presented artworks and their concepts or in an exchange with artists than in the probability to meet curators and gallerists that can push their career; not to mention the possibility of getting cheap drinks.

These facts make us, curators, think twice about which artists and works to present in a proper conceptual direction, in order to create a meaningful and coherent group exhibition.

The serious question we might ask now is what makes an exhibition more meaningful than another? According to which criteria should an art show be evaluated? The numbers of visitors? The profit of the sales of drinks at the bar and of artworks? The feedbacks from art critics and audience? The smile on the curators’ faces?

In the group show “keywords_required” we propose to artists, art lovers, collectors and nice-to-have visitors to question what motivations lead the public here and what information they receive. To evaluate the meaningfulness of the exhibition, we selected a list of conceptual keywords that permitted us to set up a sample of artists who are likely to reuse and reinterpret them, to find out if these are transmitted to the public.




WASTEBAND PawliP Human Sound System @ Ida Schmidt

Join for a special Brunch by Ma Patissiere acoompanied by the Pawli P Human Sound System

A live radio experiment with Wasteband.

October 9th 2016 @ Ida Schmidt Gallery, Brooklyn/New York

« …but was this funny? was this funny? was this funny? why was this funny? why was Sugar Kane funny? why were men dressed as women funny? why were men made up as women funny? why were men staggering in high heels funny? why was Sugar Kane funny, was Sugar Kane the supreme female impersonator? was this funny? why was this funny? why is female funny? why were people going to laugh at Sugar Kane & fall in love with Sugar Kane? why, another time? why would Sugar Kane Kovalchick girl ukulelist be such a box office success in America? why dazzling-blond girl ukulelist alcoholic Sugar Kane Kovalchick a success? why Some Like It Hot a masterpiece? why Monroe’s masterpiece? why Monroe’s most commercial movie? why did they love her? why when her life was in shreds like clawed silk? why when her life was in pieces like smashed glass? why when her insides had bled out? why when her insides had been scooped out? why when she carried poison in her womb? why when her head was ringing with pain? her mouth stinging with red ants? why when everybody on the set of the film hated her? resented her? feared her? why when she was drowning before their eyes? I wanna be loved by you boop boopie do! why was Sugar Kane Kovalchick of Sweet Sue’s Society Syncopaters so seductive? I wanna be kissed by nobody else but you I wanna! I wanna! I wanna be loved by you alone but why? why was Marilyn so funny? why did the world adore Marilyn? who despised herself? was that why? why did the world love Marilyn? why when Marilyn had killed her baby? why when Marilyn had killed her babies? why did the world want to fuck Marilyn? why did the world want to fuck fuck fuck Marilyn? why did the world want to jam itself to the bloody hilt like a great tumescent sword in Marilyn? was it a riddle? was it a warning? was it just another joke? I wanna be loved by you boop boopie do nobody else but you nobody else but you nobody else… »
Joyce Carol Oates, Blonde



WSTBND is in NYC @IDA SCHMIDT Gallery / Brooklyn

For More Info about the Gallery: http://blog.splacer.co/2016/03/community-spotlight-ida-schmid/

WASTEBAND a berlin collective
with Zabo Chabiland, Kevin S. Morrison, Nicolas Puyjalon, Magalie Rivière, Virya Lynch, Mathilde Melek An, and more and more and more…

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Dans une idée proche des ciné-concerts, l’Œil d’Oodaaq propose pour la ND4J une rencontre insolite entre vidéastes et musiciens pour une soirée de création et d’improvisation autour de vidéos d’artistes contemporains.

∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ avec les musiciens ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵

Arno Bruil, Morgan Daguenet, Robin Poligné


Lancelot Blanchard, Claire Denjean, Hugo Stievenard, étudiants du conservatoire, classe d’Hervé le Bitter

Julia Berrubé, Gabrielle Lubliner, Sanisa Tulyasukh, Héloïse Aloncle, Mélanie Auvray, Mathilde Pasquet, Martina Vera D’Agostino, Margot Le Meur, Jaco Caputo, Théo Joy, Anatole Pinel, Jonathan Douis, Manuel Peraud, Rozen Tanguy, étudiants de l’EESAB, classe de Luc Larmor.

∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ et les vidéos de ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵

Christian Niccoli
Ben Russell
Lindsay Benedict
Alex Mira
Ailbhe Ni Bhriain
Damien Le Dévédec
Jeymer Gamboa
Sylvia Donis
Aurélie Garon
Guillaume Linard-Osorio
Pauline Payen
Thibault Jehanne





Im pleased to present the publication of the Kiosk no 74 edition for July 2015 Invited by Clementine Roy, I invited Magali Auzier to do the publication on our experimental radio project « The Voyager ». Pictures for sounds!


Find the edition here:



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« Parc » is a 4 minute audio piece from 2014. The specific sounds were produced with processed recordings of water, electric guitar, and human whistles. The result evokes the atmosphere of a jungle with its wetness and whistling birds.